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Fall Register begins February 12, 2013, at Quincy Elementary.  Registration forms are available at the bottom of this page.  
Call if you have additional questions, 616-748-4711.
Snow Days and 2 hour fog delays
Parents, as you know ZPS Childcare is almost always open.  On regularly scheduled days off, you are required to sign up but on snow days and fog delays, you can just bring your children in.  If the highway Dept. states that it is too dangerous to be on the roads, and we do close, it will be posted on all the local TV channels with other closings.
* Breakfast will be served on these days
* The site of child care for delays is at your regular child care drop off, but on snow days all children will be housed at Quincy.
* Please have your child prepared with outside clothing
* Home toys are welcome on snow days
* Cost for delays are $15 per child
* Cost for snow days are $30 for the first child $28 for the second child
*  Your child must have a lunch on snow days.
Cheryl Kraker,
Jun 6, 2012, 11:44 AM