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Three-for-Thursday (What is it?)
Here's how it works. This activity is for all staff to enjoy...teachers, aides, secretaries, custodians. You all get a chance to work with kids and have an opportunity to make their day. I get to play DJ and find three jams to include on the webpage every week. I have an eclectic taste in music, so hopefully I will eventually hit on something you like. If you like, play these when you are creating the positive referrals, during class while kids are working (when songs are appropriate) or at plan to get pumped up for the exciting Thursday ahead.

Making Positive Referral
The Three-for-Thursday email is your cue to write three positive referrals for kids you see doing something good at Creekside. This is not mandatory each week but there are some perks for those who do participate. To make a positive referral, just fill out the form below on the left-hand side of the screen and then hit submit. Later, I will announce the students at lunch and give them a treat (Likely candy) and a pat on the back...perhaps another prize if we have stuff available.

Prizes for All
The real prize is feeling good about making someone else feel good. However, at the end of each month, all students that have received a referral will be put in a drawing for a prize. Three student winners will be drawn each month. (6th, 7th and 8th grade)

Every month or so, we will also tally all the staff referrals and have a staff drawing for a $25 gift card to any area location of the winners choice. The more referrals you complete, the better your odds of winning.  With the short month of September, we will do a September/October drawing.  

To Qualify for the drawing
This referral page will be available all week, so if you don't get to it on Thursday, you can still complete a positive referral any day. For each each students referral to qualify for drawings, you need to do three simple things. First, you need complete the form below and hit submit. Second, you need to contact parents via phone call or email to let them know what good things their kid did. Third, you need to document the positive referral in Infinite Campus, using the PLP (Contact Log) Don't know how to use PLP in Infinite Campus? Just click HERE for more information. Still have questions (Come see me) The whole process should take about five minutes per referral.

Go Dux!

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