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Art Club 2019/2020

Art Club meets from 2: 45 -  4:00 pm.  You do not need to be in Art class to participate.  You may attend as many meetings as you would like. You do not have to attend every meeting. On occasion, I will ask you to sign up meeting if you are going to attend so that I can have enough supplies for our activity.  

Each month, there are typically three Art Club meetings: one for 7th and 8th graders, one for 6th graders, and one Open Studio. When a meeting is scheduled for your grade level, there will be a project for that session. If you do not want to participate in that project, you may free draw. During Open Studio all students 6 - 8 are welcome. You may finish projects, free draw, or use selected art materials to do a project of your choice.

Meeting dates in November: November 20 paint pour. All grades. $3 charge per students

    Meeting dates in December:
    • Thursday, Dec 5: Open studio
    • Tuesday, Dec 17: 7th/8th grade-- tape murals: winter scenes
    • Thursday, Dec 19: 6th grade --watercolor: winter landscapes

      January dates

        February dates

          March dates

            April dates

            Art Club rules
            • Sign in when you arrive.

            • Studio behavior is a must!

              1. No rough housing

              2. No poking, touching, joking about touching, making marks on other’s papers, etc.

              3. Take your Art seriously

              4. Take other’s Art seriously

            • Listen carefully when given instructions.

              1. If you need to hear something again, ask a neighbor, or wait for Mrs. Kiwiet to take questions from the class

            • Be quiet when asked!

            • Write your name on your projects.

            • If you are waiting for help, find something to work on so you don’t waste time.

            • Clean up your area and your materials. You will not be allowed to return if you are not responsible with your work space.

            • Experiment and be creative.

            • You must stay the entire time unless you have spoken to Mrs. K before Art Club or you have a parent note.

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