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Please visit each teacher's individual tab above for specific information regarding homework, test, quizzes, and announcements for each class.  These pages are a work in progress, so if there is an error or if something is unclear, please contact one of us.

-The 8th grade teachers

This Week's DEAL Schedule

10/8: The final three rooms have moved to the portables!  Mr. Lane, Mrs. Maynard & Mrs. Timmer are now out in the portables!
The building is still under construction.  
If you are interested in Summer Stretch, here is a link to the packets.    CLICK HERE


Communicating & Working with Students:
Teachers will primarily use two websites, edmodo and Google Classroom, to communicate with students both in and out of class.  These sites will also be how most work is turned in electronically.

For more information on edmodo, click HERE.

For more information on Google Classroom, click HERE.