Leading Schools with a Digital Vision (Wes Fryer)

Key note with Wes Fryer
Notes by Kip


3 keys:
  • schools need to go digital
  • digital sandboxes are essential
  • creativity is key
transformative digital learning

Did you know? v. 4.0

by 2020 #1 way of accessing the Internet -- the cell phone; what does that mean for us as we choose a device for our students?

we need to talk about digital footprints with students

we need sandboxes at school to allow us to make mistakes and learn; places that we can post and allow for comment

Jim Peterson's posterous site

mediascripts.com -- personal video portal for posting or sharing videos; would google sites fit that bill for us?

use of technology -- what is accommodating (allows us to do something we could do before, now it is digital)?  what is transformative?

Kaplan commercial

ISTE's standards - collaborating is key

K12 Online conference

Story Kit, create an electronic storybook, http://en.childrenslibrary.org

Richard Florida, the Rise of the Creative Class
    conference in OK with Dan Pink, Sir Ken Robinson

without creation there is no creativity

transformative digital learning -- girls in Afganistan

students need to be interactive in a classroom; tech needs to be more than just added teacher tools

the MODEL needs to change!  we can't simply add technology and expect learning to improve....

Disrupting Class

Enemies of change:
  1. fear
  2. ignorance

shared vocabulary of instructional expectations:
  • create
  • collaborate
  • share
this must be a part of administrator's expectations in walk-thrus...

"talk with pictures"

collaborate with others


Sharing: The Moral Imperative by Dean Shareski

OLPC 2012

How will you let your students create?
How will you give your students choices?