Crystal Mountain ski outing

Crystal Mountain Ski Outing Information 2019

Any weather cancellations or additional information will be shared here!!

This is a one time Cityside all day ski outing to Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Thompsonville, Michigan.

  • This outing is Friday, February 22, 2019
  • We leave CMS at 6:30 AM, return 9:30 PM
  • This outing is for any student who wants to ski or snowboard for the first time or is interested in improving their current ski level.  Due to the nature of this type of outing Crystal Mountain does not allow skiers/boarders to use black diamond runs.  So no Buck, Thor, Loki, Super Park, etc.  This program is designed for those interested in improving their ski/snowboard ability or ski/board for the first time.  Those skiers/boarders who are willing to use green & blue terrain are also welcome.
  • Only students who are willing to adhere to the skiing blue & green runs should attend this outing. Unless they want to pay more for a full price lift ticket, see cost below.
  • Once we arrive at Crystal Mountain everyone gets a lift ticket prior to getting off the bus. Then everyone gathers in a common area to leave our belonging for the day. Everyone will then head to get their ski/board equipment, either from the rental building or from the bus near Loki if students have their own equipment.  Students who feel comfortable with skiing are sent out on the slopes. Those who would like a bit of help with starting and stopping should head over to Totem Park. Totem Park is a great place to get the hang of the slopes!  Students are encouraged to stay at Totem Park for as long as necessary to learn how to ski/board in control before heading to a different lift area. Ask CMS teachers for help if needed.
  • Cost for students: $60.00 for those who rent skis or snowboards.  If you have your own equipment the cost is $45.00.  Helmet rental is $5.00 for the day if interested in renting one.  Helmets are not mandatory, but a VERY good idea!!  All snowboards must have the security strap. If a student is interested in skiing the black diamond runs they could pay for a full price lift ticket (an additional $50.00 for the lift ticket, additional $88.00 if they also need to rent equipment at Crystal Mt.). The low prices we are given are because skiers do not ski the more dangerous black diamond runs. 
  • Checks should be made out to Zeeland Public Schools.
  • All students must ride the ZPS bus to and from Crystal Mountain with the group. No exceptions.
  • If we do not fill our bus(es) we may have to cancel our outing, full refunds will be given.  Once our first bus is full we will build a waiting list to see if enough sign up to allow us to fill a 2nd bus. The past few years we have been able to fill both buses. The last 3 years we have not been able to take all skiers due to filling both buses.
  • If a skiers does not attend the outing the morning of the outing we may not be able to refund paid expenses.  We will refund all we can at the point we know the refund is needed.
  • Adults can attend but they too need to ski blue and green runs only.  Lift ticket and ski or snowboard rental is $65.00, if you have your own equipment the rate is $50.00. Adults will have to provide their own transportation arriving when we do so lift tickets, rental equipment are picked up with our group.
  • Food for the day is the responsibility of each person attending.  There is a cafeteria to eat sack lunches and a cafeteria to purchase food.  Do note that food is expensive. Snacks and water will be necessary during the day and for the trip home.  We work up quite an appetite skiing! Everyone should keep in mind we CANNOT stop the bus for bathroom breaks. We do not stop on the way up to Crystal. We do stop at a rest area on our way home but it is 1 1/2 to 2 hours after leaving Crystal Mountain. Keep this in mind as you decide what and when to eat toward the end of our ski day. All students must be off the slopes and packed up by 7:00 pm.
  • How to sign up? Turn in money to Mrs. Sluiter prior to February 8, at 3:00 PM.  You will then be given forms that must be completed and turned in by February 15.  Seating is limited to filled buses. If our first bus fills up before the deadline date a waiting list will be kept until the second bus is filled.  If two buses become full before the deadline then sign up will be closed. Last year we did sell out and could not take all skiers who wanted to attend. A student signs up by turning in necessary money.
  • If paying by check: please make it out to Zeeland Public Schools.
  • On the morning of the outing come to the outside Chix Coop door by 6:30 AM.  We will gather in Coop to check in before we board the bus(es).
  • Personal belongs while we are Crystal: We will gather our bags, lunches, etc. in an area all together.  They will not be locked up so be cautious of what you bring.  CMS or Crystal Mountain will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken items. There are ski racks to store skis when you go inside.  Ski locks work well for the racks if you feel it necessary. They also have lockers to rent for smaller items, the lockers must be paid for each time they are opened.
  • Supplies to consider for skiers; lunch, money for food & beverage at Crystal (keep in mind items are expensive at a ski resort), warm socks, hand or toe warmers, goggles or sunglasses are nice too, cold air and falling snow does make our eyes water! Dress in layers, making sure the bottom layer can go over ski/snowboard boots.  You only want socks between the boot and skin.
  • All students are expected to ride the school bus between Cityside and Crystal Mountain.
  • Students should have a ride waiting for them at Cityside at 9:30 PM.  Please pick up your student in the back of the school by the outside Chix Coop door.  There will be cell phones available on the bus to call if we are more than 20 minutes late.
  • Even though students are out of school for the day, they are still responsible for the school work for the day.  Plan ahead to complete any work over the weekend so students are prepared for class Monday morning.
  • Questions?