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Take time to look at our attachments:    Hopefully you will recognize the "Give Me Five"  banners around the district.  We have focused on the five assets in white.   Then take a look at The Search Institute Brochure.  Click on the Search Report for 2008 below where sub pages are listed.

What Kids Need: Developmental Assets
What Are Developmental Assets?

Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets® are common sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults.
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NEW Interactive Asset Lists!

Need some ideas for building assets? View the list below and click on the asset you want to build!
40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents (ages 12–18)

View Download pdf

  • In Spanish: Elementos fundamentales del desarrollo PDF
  • French: 40 Acquis dont les jeunes ont besoin pour réussir PDF

40 Developmental Assets for Middle Childhood (ages 8–12)
View Download pdf
  • In Spanish: 40 Elementos Fundamentales del Desarrollo para la pre-adolescencia (edades de 8 a 12) PDF

40 Developmental Assets for Early Childhood (ages 3–5) View Download PDF
  • Spanish: 40 Elementos Fundamentales del Desarrollo para niños pre-escolares (edades de 3 a 5) PDF

Tools for Asset Building

Check out available books, reports, videos, and other materials on Developmental Assets and how you can build assets throughout your community.

The Assets Research

Search Institute’s research indicates that Developmental Assets powerfully influence adolescent behavior—both by protecting young people from risky, problem behaviors and by promoting positive attitudes and choices. Read more…

Other Translations of 40 Developmental Assets

Many communities have taken the time to translate our 40 Developmental Assets list into their primary languages. Although these translations have not been formally approved or reviewed for accuracy by Search Institute, we believe they have potential benefit for others.

Alcholi (PDF)
Arabic (PDF)
Armenian (PDF)
Bulgarian (PDF)
Chinese (PDF)
Farsi (PDF)
Hmong (PDF)
Japanese (PDF)
Khmer (PDF)
Nuer (PDF)
Russian (Word Document)
Somali (PDF)
Vietnamese (PDF)

Do you use any of these lists? If so, we would love to have your feedback! We want to make the assets as effective and far-reaching as possible. And, if you know of other translations, please forward them to We will share translations as widely as we can.

Learn more about Search Institute’s approach to introducing Developmental Assets to new cultures and countries.


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