April 29 - May 3
Welcome back from break!  I hope everyone is rested and ready to finish out the school year.  We are already halfway through the last quarter.  Progress reports will be coming out this week so please look for those.  We are starting on practice for the musical this week.  I realize that this is an optional activity but I could really use singers for the mass choir parts.  This is a classic musical about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were thrown into the fiery furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar for not bowing down to worship his idol.  When the name of this piece is mentioned, people are excited because they have seen it, been in it, or directed it.  I have asked Mr. Johnson to help with some of the pieces also.  When the King enters, there must be fanfare which we will hopefully be performed by live musicians.  
The musical will be Wednesday evening, May 29th in the gym.  The tradeoff from the Church is that you can see performers better; however, the sound system is not nearly as good.  
Have a great week.

Mrs. Benne - 4/29 - 5/3

Religion - Finish L31 

Memory - Wed - 8th commandment

Fri - 9th commandment

LA -  Mon. - DOL 6.18

Phantom ch. 6-8 for the week. 

P. 9 in the packet (Vocab)

Grammar - Adverb Phrases p. 84 Ex. 7

Thursday - correct DOL 6.18

ch. 6-8 completed, p. 9/10 in the packet: Questions 1-5, p. 10 foreshadow, flashback

Continue reading for AR points

ART -  

Writing - What does the flag mean to me? Due Thursday. 

Moby Max - individualized assignments in the informational reading section. 

Padlet - 6th-grade random wall 


Mr. Mattes -5/6-5/10
Science 6- 
Monday - Predicting weather and Climate Hazards
Thursday -  Developing a mitigation plan for natural hazards

History 6
Tuesday -   Greek gods
Friday - comparing Athens/Sparta

Miss Hitchcock-
Math 6     5/13-5/17
Monday-Test 13A and Lesson 74
Tuesday-Lesson 75 #1-30 
Wednesday-Lesson 76 #1-30
Thursday-Lesson 77 #1-30
Friday-Lesson 78 #1-30