May 28- June 1
Happy Memorial Day!
This is the last academic week.  If your child has ANY missing work, it needs to be turned in for some sort of credit.  
The Chapel Family picnic is Wednesday.  We will be playing games together on the back field and then have lunch.  Please bring blankets or towels for them to sit on.  

Mrs. Benne - week of 5/28 - 6/1


Mon. - Memorial Day

Tuesday - Types of Sentences p. 97 Ex. 15

Thursday - FABLES - Final Draft due with pics

Complex Sent. p. 99 Ex. 16

Friday - Review p. 101


Monday - Memorial Dau

Wednesday - L56 Sermon on the Mount (wksht)

Friday - L57 Faith of Roman Centurion

Mr. Mattes - week of 5/21

Science 6

Monday:Evaluating Solutions from Disaster Mitigation
Tuesday: Lesson 3 self check
Thursday:  Human population data
Friday: Human population data
History 6

Monday: Trojan War
Tuesday:  Trojan War foldable for Interactive notebook
Friday:  Ancient Greece social structure