November 12-16
 So sorry for not keeping up with these announcements.  I send you all so many emails during the week, I completely forget to change these! 
* The Thanksgiving Feast is this Friday.  If you have not signed up for something to bring, please do so through this link.
*Next week there is no school.  We will all be at a teacher's conference.  
E.C. What's your favorite thing to have for Thanksgiving?

Mrs. Benne - Nov. 12-16

Religion - 

Thursday - Finish Calling of Moses

Memory - Wed.  finish Morning Prayer

        Friday - Psalm 145: 15-16

LA -  Mon

Wed/Thurs  -  Turkeys due for SAC contest 

Finish AoW writing. 

Begin novel unit for vacation

ART -  None - NWEA test for math; 

Mr. Mattes - 11/26-11/30
Science 6
Monday -  Unit 2 Exploration 1 - Describing the formation of Sedimentary rocks and fossils
Thursday -  Exploration 2  - Determining the relative age of rocks  - LAB -using pancakes to describe relative age of rocks.  Come hungry!!

History 6
Tuesday -   Chapter 5 Section 1 - The Gift of the Nile.  Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Activity
Friday - Life in Egypt (section 2) Egyptian inventions W.S.

Miss Hitchcock-
Math 6 11/26-11/30
Tuesday-Lesson 20 #1-30
Wednesday-Lesson 21 #1-30
Thursday-Lesson 22 #1-30
Friday-Test 3A (Review Lesson 16-20)