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Inquisitive Learning

Optimistic Future

Noble Leaders

This week: 
Wednesday-  Chapel


This week's STEM project... build a balloon-powered car

Remember to read, read, read! AR goals have been set. Students are expected to meet their goal by the end of March.

Our next book report is a book by your favorite author- due Mar. 29. 

Our singing dates for the school year (3rd graders are encouraged to be at church on these dates to sing, please let me know if your child is unable to make it):

October 28- 10 am (K-8th grade)

January 27- 10 am (K-8th grade)

April 14- 8:30 am (K-8th grade)

May 19- 10 am (3rd-5th grade)

  1. undo

  2. redo

  3. dislike

  4. react

  5. refill

  6. uneasy

  7. reread

  8. unlike

  9. remove

  10. dishonest

  11. unhappy

  12. rebuild

  13. displease

  14. uncover

  15. rewrite

1. recycle
2. disagree
3. review
4. unclear
5. disorder


For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for the salvation to everyone who believes. Romans 1:16


Monday: Math 99B, Spelling sentences, Sign assignment book

Tuesday: Math 100B, Memory, Sign assignment book     

Wednesday: Math 101B, Spelling sentences, Sign assignment book

Thursday: Math 102B, Sign assignment book