Week of:

October 22nd -October 26th   

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  This week I will be assigning homework.  Please try to spend a little time with your child while they complete this. 


Mrs. Justice

                       What We’re Learning


Bible Story:  “God speaks to Moses.”


Language Arts:   We introduce the consonant “D,d” (dinosaur, dog, Dad) and the high-frequency word “like”; review previous letters, “m,s,r,t,n,p,c,a;” continue to blend simple 3 letter words; continue to work on rhyming words; and review beginning, middle and ending of stories.


Math:  Identifying lighter and heavier using a balance; addition facts; looking for a pattern to solve a problem; covering designs using pattern blocks; ordering numbers to 20; adding 1 to a number.   


Unit Study/Science: continuing the farm unit: cowboys; animals on a farm.


  • Pizza ($2.00) sold on Fridays for lunch and can now be pre-ordered.

     Ice cream will be sold at lunch every Friday for $1.00.

     We will be starting Rosetta Stone this week.  All students will be learning Spanish unless you would prefer another language.  If so, please contact Mrs. Nagy as soon as possible.

     Our field trip to Pretend City is this Thursday, the 25th. Please fill out the permission forms on the Zion App if you haven’t already done so.

     Friday, the 26th is early dismissal at 11:45, and Dress like a cowboy/girl day! (No guns please)


    Homework: attached to this page is the homework that is due by the end of the week.   Also, please practice the memory verse at the bottom of this page with your child.  At the end of the week, we will say the verse together as a class.

Memory/Bible Verse:

“Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears.”  - 1 Samuel 3:9