4th/5th/6th Grade

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 Hello Parents and Students!!! 

Next semester in 5th and 6th grade will be learning how to play the Ukulele! 

We have been using a curriculum called Quaver's that integrates rhythm reading, note/chord charts, technique, history and cultural connections. Each individual string, note, and chord we have learned had its own lesson with back tracks to make the songs sound fuller and more complete. 

Many have inquired about buying a Ukulele for their child and I wanted to give my recommendations.   

This website breaks down different Ukulele's very nicely! Best Beginner Ukulele Brands

In Class we use a Concert Sized Ukulele, by the brand Oscar Schmidt , that retails anywhere from $120-150. We chose to purchase those because of the high volume of kids that would be playing them over the years. 

Luckily the same brand makes similar models for FAR LESS! Plus there are many other good brands as well! 

Here are some of my recommendations! 

Soprano OR Concert Sizes are both good!

Brands to look for : Oscar Schmidt, Kala, Cordoba, Lanikai

Also Search on GuitarCenter.com, MusiciansFriend.com, Amazon.com 

They will need a Tuner!!

This is the exact tuner I use in my class: