What are Community Schools?  
Zion Community Schools work to foster the potential of its youth and families through partnership. By bringing together parents, schools,  non-profit organizations, and  local businesses community school strategies provide a broad range of programs and services to students and their families in support of comprehensive child development. Through this approach, District 6 Elementary Schools become the hub of the community and create an environment where students and their families can succeed. Our vision is success for every individual through improved learning, stronger families, and engaged communities. Our mission is to transform the lives of students and families through integrated service delivery.

How is this strategy different from others?

We strive to elevate learning and encourage family and community engagement with initiatives that extend beyond traditional school programs. Zion Community schools strategies have three distinct features:  

1. Boost academic achievement through education, social and emotional supports, offering programs and services that remove barriers and provide enhanced opportunities.  

 2. Comprehensive support of health and wellness of young children and their families through medical support, counseling, and youth and community development programs. 

3.Parental and community engagement, including an active role in decision making through shared leadership.