6: What teachers are eligible to participate in the survey?

The 5Essentials Teacher Survey is to be completed by certified teachers whose primary responsibility involves teaching students for the majority of the school day and year.

Individuals in the following positions, who also teach, are among those encouraged to participate:
  • Self-contained and subject-specific classroom teachers
  • Instructional coaches and subject matter specialists.
  • Teacher aides, paraprofessionals, and CCTs (Cooperating Classroom Teachers).
  • Special education teachers working in a single classroom or across classrooms.
  • Counselors, librarians, and other staff members who teach students.
The following positions are ineligible to participate in the survey:
  • Substitute teachers.
  • Tutors.
  • Principals, Assistant Principals, Superintendents, or other administrators who do not otherwise teach students.
  • Student teachers.