12: Why are administrators and support staff not included as survey participants?

The purpose of the survey is to help principals with their continuous school improvement, and principals already have a role in this process. The 5Essentials Survey gives teachers and students the opportunity to provide input about the school environment. These data form the basis for reliably predicting student outcomes and school improvement. Additionally, within any given school there are usually very few principals and administrators. As a result, there are not enough respondents for a principal survey to accurately and reliably measure aspects of school performance. Moreover, the small number of principal and administrator respondents for a school risks compromising confidentiality.

Nonetheless, principal and administrator perceptions are important for school improvement and school success. Interested administrators may use the 5Essentials framework for considering their own impressions of performance on each of the Essentials. Principals will have the opportunity on the State School Report Card to include information about the programs they are implementing to address the needs of their school community and the metrics they use to gauge the success of their programs.