11: Is student or parent participation mandatory?

Individual participation in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey is completely voluntary. However, at least 50 percent of students must complete the survey to generate a student summary report and 20 percent of parents must complete the survey to generate a parent summary report.

Please be aware that under the Protection of Pupil Rights Act. 20 U.S.C. Section 1232(c) (1) (A), you have the right to review a copy of the questions asked of your student(s). Survey questions can be found on the Illinois 5Essentials at http://help.5-essentials.org/customer/portal/articles/800770-illinois-5essentials-survey-questions.

A student opt-out letter will be sent home to all parents/guardians of students in grades 4-8 by December 1, 2019. If you do not want your son or daughter to participate, return the bottom portion of the parent approval letter to his or her teacher on or before December 9, 2020.