Sri Lanka Dojo    スリランカ道場

The Sri Lanka branch of the International ShitoKan Karate Association was opened in March of 2003 by Sensei and Dojo Cho, B. Anura Priyanka. The Sri Lanka Dojo was begun with the permission and guidance of Dr. Jerry Aiello, Kancho (President) and founder of ShitoKan International. The Dojo is located in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, with its main office being located in Bulathsihala.

Sensei Priyanka has been studying the martial arts since 1986 (He was 13 years old at the time). Over the past 19 years, Sensei Priyanka has studied a variety of Karate styles, including BudoKan, ShotoKan, and Kempo Ryu. In 2002, Sensei Priyanka sought to delve deeper into the martial arts and determined to establish a Dojo where he could share his experience and understanding of the arts, while continuing to expand upon that which he had learned. After an exhaustive search, Sensei Priyanka discovered the traditional Japanese Budo-based art of ShitoKan.

While Sensei Priyanka is the leading Sensei and Dojo Cho for the Sri Lankan branch of ShitoKan, there are others responsible for the organization and operation of the ShitoKan Dojo. The President of the Sri Lankan branch of ShitoKan is Professor W.A. Gnanadasa Perera. Professor Perera is a lecturer in the fields of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Sri Jayawardanapura Sri Lanka. In addition to Professor Perera, Mr. Don Percy Collin Edirisuriya, a lecturer on the English language at various private educational institutes, acts as General Secretary.

At the heart of ShitoKan Sri Lanka are the 22 additional instructors working with over 7300 students nationwide. These Budoka (practitioners of Budo) train in 145 government operated schools and private institutes located within the main cities of Sri Lanka. To ensure uniformity in the instruction provided, Sensei Priyanka personally works with the class instructors for each training center on a weekly basis. In addition, Sensei Priyanka periodically visits each training center to observe and supervise the training sessions.

In addition to regular training classes, ShitoKan Sri Lanka organizes quarterly special training camps that involve all of the ShitoKan students. These special training camps are instructed and supervised by Sensei Priyanka. In addition, Shinsa, or testing sessions, are conducted twice a year to evaluate those students who have shown they are ready to move up in rank. An annual National Tournament is held that provides an opportunity for students from different parts of Sri Lanka to come together and learn from one another.

Much more than simply a combative art, ShitoKan Sri Lanka strives to attract students who are active in the community, and who respect others and their beliefs. In the spirit of Budo, every training session strives to reinforce honesty, generosity, respect, and etiquette within the student, as well as strengthening the body and mind through rigorous physical regimens. There are few restrictions on who can train in the art of ShitoKan. ShitoKan training is available to men and women, boys and girls, ages 6 and above.

The ShitoKan Sri Lanka can be contacted at the addresses below:

ShitoKan International
Sri Lanka Branch
No. 03 Central College Rd.
Bulathsihala, Sri Lanka

Phone: (+94) 0777546325
Fax: (+94) 0112733572