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Restrictions? There are no artistic restrictions. This is a celebration of deviant creativity. Any digital or traditional: Vector art, paintings, illustrations, drawings, etc., are ok. Your piece will need a short title, and an alluring accompanying haiku.

Imagination needs no excuse, but passion may need a catalyst. Over $600 in cash incentive for the top few, and over $1500 worth of magnets for the top many. The deadline is the last day of March, and all entries will be up for public voting soon after. Poll location will be posted here soon after contest ends.

By submitting your art, you agree to free your piece into the open source domain under the Creative Commons. Anybody will have the right to modify and apply your contribution however they wish. Information wants to be free. We'll try to continue drawing attention towards the art even after the contest ends.

One entry per person. Each entry needs an imgur.com link of the image, a title that is 3 words or less, and a supplementary haiku. Deadline is 3/31/11. $300 for first place, $200 for second, $100 for third. A gift packaged set of Zen Magnets for the top 50. If you're top 50 and overseas, you'll have to pay first class shipping for magnets.

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