ZenCookbook - Cancer Proofing
This is one of my personal profile site, also includes links to The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook, and other projects.

This is my page for tieing together many of my other sites

My main pages are my RESOURCE SCHEDULING page where my contract mangers can check my schedule and organise any jobs they may have for me, my RESUME AND CV page where you can see my resume, and of course the BODY FRIENDLY ZEN COOKBOOK pages where you can buy a copy of a very simple and surprisingly effective diet which I used to completely reverse prostate cancer and which is also effective against a range of other conditions.

In addition to the BODY FRIENDLY ZEN COOKBOOK pages I have a ZENCOOKBOOK BLOG where I discuss a range of healthy life / healthy world issues, my TEdALOG Lite personal blog, the TEdAMENU Tuckertime recipes blog, my Flickr pages, my articles on Helium.com, my Twitter stream, my YouTube videos, my Facebook, my Second Life location, and more will be added as I remember them.