Athletes of the Week, Feb. 20-24

Coach Brubaker's Thrower of the Week - Shuana Ellinger

In his first week as varsity throwers coach for RHS, Coach Brubaker was impressed by Shuana's work ethic, particularly her readiness to adopt the two-footed glide approach.  Shuana displayed a willingness to give up what she was comfortable with doing in the past in order to take a step forward in terms of her ability to utilize her natural strength.  Her willingness to buy in to a new technique made a great first impression with her new coach.

Coach Stalbaum's Distance Runner of the Week - Jeff Ferrell

Coach Stalbaum has been impressed early with Jeff's increased dedication to the sport.  Jeff had a much more active offseason than he has had in previous years.  He increased his mileage and began to use the weight room more effectively.  This week, Jeff focused on technical aspects of racing, particularly form, which in that past has been in need of improvement.  Paying attention to the little details should pay dividends for Jeff in 2012.
Coach Reeves' Jumper of the Week - Seth Manns

Because swimming season is still in the process of wrapping up for the year, Coach Reeves was only able to attend practices at the end of the week.  Jumpers joined sprinters and Coach Helt for the first several days of the week.  But whether it was with Coach Reeves or Coach Helt, Seth Manns stood out for all he did on week one.  Seth is an athlete whose role on the team has expanded each year.  He didn't participate in track whatsoever as a freshman; as a sophomore he served as a team manager; last year he competed successfully as a pole vaulter and occasional sprinter.  This year, with senior numbers low, Seth has taken it upon himself to fulfill a leadership role.  He work ethic has been terrific, and his positive encouragement for underclassmen was noticed and much appreciated by the entire staff.

Coach Helt's Sprinter of the Week - Callie Richard

Callie has been involved in track and field since sixth grade, and her potential has always been recognized by the coaching staff.  However, in the past, Callie's toughest opponent has been herself.  At times, she tended to get down on herself.  This week during practice, Callie spoke of making a renewed commitment to attitude and leadership.  During practice, it showed, as Callie took a leadership role and led in a positive way, going back and cheering on teammates as the wrapped up a tough workout after she had finished her own.