VIP ZebraPoints Health-Membership, Phone-Support Package

Sign up for my new ZebraPoints Yearly VIP Health Membership Phone-Support Package to receive 10 hours of premium health care services by phone at a fraction of the regular out-of-pocket rate. (Purchase this service for only $539.95, that's well over 50% off the regular price of $1100). This package is designed to be used by phone. (You can also add as many in-person ZebraPoints Laser-Acupuncture sessions as you want at 50% off the regular out-of-pocket price.) Here's what you will receive:

  • One 60-minute ZebraTalk Symptomwork session to kick off your year by thinking deeply together about your current direction and where you want to go in 2013 with your health.
  • Twelve (12), 30-minute ZebraPoints ZebraTalk health counseling sessions to keep you on track (one per month over the course of the year).
  • Twelve (12), 15-minute Consults (one per month for one year) to fine-tune your progress, trouble-shoot problem areas as they occur, or prescribe Asian herbal formulas.
  • Add-on Virtual Dispensary: Online Order Service to have formula prescriptions filled and automatically shipped to your door.
  • Add-on Health-at-a-glance Symptom-Tracker: See your progress in info-graphics.
  • In-person ZebraPoints Laser-Acupuncture sessions at 50% off the regular price.

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