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About Me  

   I am presently employed as a technological and personal security consultant to local businesses, condominium associations and private individuals. I also occasionally tutor university students in various subjects, and I am currently negotiating a position writing articles for (hopefully) soon-to-be launched online publication. Through the years I have served in various capacities for a number of corporations including Motorola, FP&L, RCA, IBM, and as an operative for the former TECO fleet and for the United States Military Sealift Command.  

     I reside primarily in South Florida now that my employment and education-related traveling years are now mostly over. I am currently "place bound" for an indeterminate period of time as I administer various family concerns while forging deeper professional and personal ties in this area.   
     To help facilitate my complete transition back to this area I updated my resume with a second Masters degree in 2008. This latest degree is a Master of Public Health (MPH) with emphasis on biological incident / disaster preparedness and epidemiological planning from the American Military University in West Virginia.  
     The Public Health degree is designed to supplement my primary degree, which is a Masters degree in Biological Anthropology (with emphasis in Forensic Anthropology) taken at the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University with the kind assistance and guidance of Dr. M. Iscan.  Dr. Iscan is now attached to the Cerraphaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University (Adli Tip EnstitusuTurkey, where I began work on my doctoral degree in Criminalistics until the 9/11 disaster. The events of 9/11 were not only tragic internationally but it also ended my academic career in Istanbul due to security and other concerns.

   In order to enhance my existing skill set I also hold a secondary Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. This training allowed me to extend and refine my knowledge of crime incident mapping, which is very much like generating an epidemiological map for a disease outbreak. I am currently seeking local employment with a health department or related State  agency, law enforcement (not as a sworn officer) or as a university professor.
   While at FAU I enjoyed fencing in the men's open division Epee (freestyle fencing) and I look forward to competing "on the strip" with local fencing organizations in the near future.

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   For my personal enrichment I have completed a Bachelor of Ministry B.Min) degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL. While this is technically a degree in Ministry, my Palm Beach Atlantic University  education was more theological than ministerial. 

I am currently working on a Master of Theology degree from St. Joseph's College of Maine. St. Joseph's is a Catholic University run by the Sisters of Mercy (Carmelites). This is a generalist Theology degree preparing me for doctoral level study. I am also negotiating the parameters of  Doctor of Philosophy / Theology programs as the terminal degree of my academic career. I am currently researching degree options with my final institutional choices for Doctoral level education while assessing doctoral programs in South Africa. I hope to begin doctoral studies in 2012. 
   While I have no immediate plans to complete doctoral level studies in the biological sciences, it is always an option at some future point in time. Also, as the American Military University expands into doctoral level programs I might obtain a Master's degree in some aspect of National Security or Intelligence Studies to supplement various facets of currently existing and future projects.

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      I am currently active in two civic organizations: The Polish Nobility Association and The Order of St. Stanislas.
     The Polish Nobility Association is a historical society and foundation which assists in heraldic; demographic, and genealogical research for the expatriated royal and noble families of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.  
     The Order of St. Stanislas is an all-volunteer international aid organization concentrating on the needs of Poland and the other Eastern European nations once dominated by the former Soviet Union. Beside flood and other disaster relief efforts, the Order of St. Stanislas is also involved with the international God's Eyes Project, which provides eye examinations and prescription prescription eyeglasses for those who have never had optometric exams or assistance. This program is realized by working closely with medical missionaries whose clinics are already established in Eastern Europe and around the world.
     I have been the Order's Deputy Prior of the State of Florida since 2007, and as one of my personal service projects for the Order I am in the process of developing an "adopt a school" program which places volunteers into schools as reading coaches for children who are not reading at their proper grade level.