Whole of India

Travelling whole of India would be a good experience for Indians besides foreigners who flock in to see the real India.Travelling around the world was an idea which is not as simple as travelling the length of India.Travel budget is among the reason why a traveller would give up that idea.More than what meets the eye is difficulty to get the Visa for some of the people as there are Visa regulation norms such as single male, modest salary, education etc which deny visa to many.Travel budget did not specify on the flight charges which could really affect you.

Travel within India would come cheap as the travel part of it can be done cheap with trains and buses,flights for travel within India can be exempted as it involves travel which is less than 4 hours often less than an hour between districts.But ofcourse travel between cities or important towns can be around 8 hours or so.Yet that would be just an overnight travel and there is reason enough to skip the flight and travel by train or bus and make it cheaper.

For the Administration map of India visit http://censusindia.gov.in/2011-Images/ADMINI2011.jpg 

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