I've been reading a lot about basic portraiture and camera use techniques. Also watching a lot of the free classes on CreativeLive. They've been an excellent resource and I highly recommend their classes. Anything with Lindsay Adler is great. Plus just taking a lot of photos and experimenting as time allows. I'm grateful for a number of friends that allow me to photograph them and their families.

Server Virtualization
I've been implementing Hyper-V 2012 and 2012 r2 for a number of clients lately and am working through the pitfalls of running it in production. So far I've decided that VMWare is easier to work with; however Hyper-V has so far proven to be just as stable.

Child Rearing
I'm always on the lookout for enriching experiences for my kids. We spend a lot of time at the Seattle Aquarium and the Pacific Science Center