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Selected Publications & Presentations




“Administrative Monopoly: The State Action Doctrine under U.S. Antitrust Law,” The 5th International Symposium on Competition Law and Policy (CASS) (Beijing, China, May 11-12, 2007)

 “Monopoly Agreements & Cartels,” U.S.-China Legal Exchange – 2006 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce, China Ministry of Commerce, China State Council-Legislative Affairs Office, Washington, D.C., December 8, 2006)


“Patent Abuse,” Third Amendment to Patent Law (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, PRC State Intellectual Property Office, Washington, D.C., September 12, 2006)


“Thoughts on Some Challenges in Implementing China’s Anti-Monopoly Law,” Doing Business in China: the Latest Challenges (ABA International Law Section, 2006)


Antitrust and Technology 

 “Patents and Competition,” U.S. Intellectual Property: Changes in the Law and the Rules, 2008 NAPABA Northeast Regional Conference (Norwalk, Connecticut, May 3, 2008)

“The Growing Interplay of Patent & Competition Law: Antitrust Pitfalls in Licensing,” 12th Annual Institute on Intellectual Property Law (PLI 2006), with Kathryn E. Walsh


“Antitrust Pitfalls in Licensing,” Intellectual Property Antitrust (PLI 2006), with Kathryn E. Walsh


“Intellectual Property Licensing,” 44th Annual Advanced Antitrust Seminar: Distribution & Marketing (PLI 2005), with Kathryn E. Walsh


“Antitrust in IP Transactions,” 2004 Intellectual Property Summit (NJICLE 2004), with Kathryn E. Walsh


“Licensing at the Crossroads of Antitrust and Intellectual Property: Choosing the Right Road,” The Computer & Internet Lawyer (September 2004), with Kathryn E. Walsh


Merger Antitrust 


“Judgment Call: Ticklish Fantasies,” The Deal (November 19, 2004)


“Acquiring Companies in the United States: Merger Review in the US,” A Practical Guide to Acquiring Companies in the United States (City and Financial Conferences, London, England, May 2001)


“Merger Mania: How a business lawyer can assist antitrust counsel,” Vol. 2 No. 4, Business Law Today 32 (ABA March/April 1998); The Best In M&A 2d Ed. (Bowne 1999)


“What NOT to Say in the Course of Acquisitions and Transactions,” Vol. 44 No. 3 Practical Lawyer 27 (ALI-ABA April 1998); ALI-ABA’s Practice Checklist Manual on Advising Business Clients II: Checklists, Forms and Advice (2000); Section Review (Massachusetts Bar Association Spring 2001)

Collective Conduct 


“A Consideration of Dagher and the Antitrust Standard for Joint Ventures,” 1 New York University Journal of Law & Business 307 (Fall 2004), with Bruce D. Sokler and Kathryn E. Walsh


“Networking Pitfalls,” WomensBiz.US (December 2004)


“Trade Associations: Risky Business,” PBAA 18th Annual Convention: The Power of the Category (PBAA June 2004), with Kathryn E. Walsh


Antitrust Litigation 


Panelist, “Coordinating Multi-Party Cases,” Trying and Winning a Civil Antitrust Case (ALI-ABA, Washington, D.C., 2002)


“Use of Economic Expert Witnesses in Antitrust Litigation,” Antitrust Litigation: Strategies for Success (PLI 1998)





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