STAR Artist Weekend Classes

In weekend arts classes children will learn modern art concepts and artistic techniques . Your child can benefit from artistic exploration by thinking creatively and independently, practicing decision making skills, and learning how to use a variety of materials.

11am-12:30pm class

In this session students will be introduced to a variety of procedures and mediums while learning the fundamentals of art such as vocabulary and exploration.

This art class is hands on. Students will learn how to paint, draw, sculpt and print make while also encouraging younger students to explore and express their imagination and creation.

9:20am-10:50am class

In this art class students learn how to replicate what they see in the world. This class focuses on the fundamentals of art; rendering forms and balancing compositions(layout), creating original works. Students will learn how to distinguish 3-dimensional form versus a 2-dimensional shape, gain observation skills, obtain problem solving abilities and practice how to be self critical while applying these new skills. Students will learn one style at a time.

1pm-2:30pm Advanced class

This class is designed for students who already have experience in art and want to improve upon their skills . Classes are self directed and students will master one style at a time. Students will learn how to form conceptual works while practicing the fundamentals of art. Every class our warm-up will be quick study drawings. Examples of some exploratory subjects are, but not limited to, photography, illustrations(line drawing), sculpture, printmaking, painting.

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