Interview Questions

Below are the questions used to conduct the original set of 2011 interviews. If you would like to conduct your own interview, please feel free to use this questions and let us know if you would like the upload the footage here for the video contest.

Yuri’s Night 2011: 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight


Reminder: interviewee should wait a few seconds before answering and if necessary repeat question because of video editing

  1. Please introduce yourself and your affiliation.
  2. How has the first 50 years of human spaceflight changed society?
  3. What do you envision the next 50 years of human spaceflight to be like?
  4. How did you get your start in the space industry?
  5. Could you please say a few words for the people around the world that will be celebrating Yuri’s Night 2011, the 50th Anniversary of Human Spaceflight.
  6. Astronauts: How has flying in space changed your life?
  7. Astronauts: How would you describe the Earth from space?
  1. What is the source of your passion for space exploration?
  2. What space figure do you most admire? For example, if you had a “baseball card” of someone (or team) in the space industry, who would it be?
  3. How do you think we can best educate the public about space and get them involved?
  4. Do you plan on going into space?
  5. (similar to 4b) What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved in the space industry?
EXTRA: On April 12, 2011, "where" will you be and how will you be celebrating history?