BOX TOPS ARE GOING DIGITAL THIS YEAR! In the past, Box Tops were found on many food items you purchase at the store. Now, they are going DIGITAL. Your goal is to send me receipts of your store purchases so that I CAN SCAN them on my app. My class will then get credit for your Box Top purchase because it will populate on my app. Every box top is worth 10 cents to my classroom! The funds earned help me purchase items needed for student learning! Send these in as much as you can this year -- any day, any time!! Receipts that earn $$ for our class will earn dojo points for students!!

You can still clip & collect Box Tops for Education if you find any on things you buy. There are still some out there or you may have some that aren't expired yet. You can clip and attach them to the page located in the B.E.E. Binder. Collect and earn a dojo point for donations & support. One full page = 10 dojo points! Make sure they have NOT expired.

This website is one of the primary ways you can impact your child's learning. I post "projects" for items that just my class specifically needs. You, a grandparent, an aunt/uncle, family friend, businesses you know, etc....can go to this site and donate money to the project. Donations can be as little as $5! Check out my current projects on by clicking the links below:

Did you know you can support extracurricular activities in Arizona schools and receive a tax credit at the same time?

Support the students through the Arizona Tax Credit program.

Your tax credit donation to Mrs. Haile's Kindergarten class reduces your state tax liability dollar for dollar (Total amount of tax credit is $200/Filing Single or $400/Married, Filing Jointly).

Donate online through District website at

Your donation to help support Mrs. Haile's Classroom is greatly appreciated.

Be an Angel...Volunteer!

We love to have volunteers at school and in our classroom. We need volunteers to help with PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) and to help our class on special days, read with us, and go with us on field trips. Please let us know if you would like to be an angel and volunteer your time in our classroom.

Let Mrs. Haile know what day and time you can work with us in our classroom.

ROOM 106

This page is dedicated to our dear Mr. Thomas May. He volunteered in our classroom twice a week for 19 years. Mr. May read with students every Tuesday & Thursday mornings. On August 6, 2011 Mr. May was called to heaven to read to the Angels. He earned his wings here on earth in a kindergarten classroom and he is missed dearly.

Mr. May requested that we pay it forward by practicing random acts of kindness. So each year, our class along with the entire Palmcroft school supports deployed soldiers and their families as they protect our country! We continue to hold a Veteran's Day assembly dedicated to those soldiers who fought/fight for our freedom. Our school also recognizes a citizen of the month with a "kindness" award each year.