Be Respectful                          Be Responsible                       Be Safe
All Palmcroft students can ensure a safe, productive environment for all by being respectful,responsible and safe in the classroom, outside on the playground, and in the cafeteria.  
The students will use a stoplight approach for behavior modifications in the classroom. A green day means the child had a wonderful day and followed the rules. A yellow day means that the child had to be reminded to follow the rules and received "warnings" or loss of dojos. A red day means the child did not follow the rules even after he/she was warned and may have lost several dojos and parents are contacted concerning the behavior problem. 
     While green days are always best, I tell students and parents that the yellow days are for the teacher to remind students of their actions. Yellow days are how we learn to behave. Red days are for parents to discuss with students their actions and remind them that school is a place to learn. Parents should make a point to tell the child how pleased they are if the child stays on green all day. I encourage parents NOT to scold their children for receiving a yellow day but discuss ways to improve behavior. Every child starts each day on green with a 100% dojo wheel. Once a child begins to lose dojos/receive warnings their color is moved to a yellow and there is no going back to green for that day. Please sign in to our ClassDojo behavior management system and check your child's behavior wheel for the day, week, and month! 
     We also use Class DoJo behavior management system.
I'm using ClassDojo to keep parents in the loop this year! ClassDojo gives students points for positive behaviors and takes points away when behavior is negative. I'll also share photos from class, important updates and wonderful moments – like when students work hard and help each other. All parents will need to give me a valid email address. All parents will receive a special parent code.

New to ClassDojo? 
1. Get the free ClassDojo app 
2. Tap “Create a new account” 
3. Sign up as a “Parent” 
4. Enter the parent code 

Existing ClassDojo user? 
1. Open the ClassDojo app 
2. Sign in to your account 
3. Tap “Add parent code” 
4. Enter the parent code 
           Check out the video!