Helping Your Child Succeed in Kindergarten
Kindergarten students have homework study Monday to Friday. Our homework is a menu of "choices" in reading, writing, and math. Students should practice and study the skills he/she may not be able to do fluently. If your child becomes fluent in all areas of reading, writing, and math then I consider homework to be "optional". However, it is very important for parents to encourage children to practice new skills and as an AVID kindergarten student, there will be a lot of reading and writing skills that must be practiced. All students should use the B.E.E. binder journal to practice and show evidence of learning new skills. Every child also has personal learning goals on our online learning sites. The goals are listed on the monthly homework forms for parents to review. Although there is time in class for your child to work on online learning goals, home study is also encouraged in this area. All children are successful and show learning progress when parents support a study routine. The most important practice your child can do every evening is to read. Children will not become good readers if they do not practice reading. Study time should be no more than 30 minutes each evening. 

Check personal learning goals of online learning programs on the Monthly Homework Form and visit the online sites with your child each month. (MathSeeds, Moby Max, Reading Eggs and any flipped learning video assignments found on our class website homework page).

Encourage writing practice in B.E.E. binder journal (only 2 pages a week please) sight words, sentences, numbers, name, etc...Check homework page for monthly practice options.There will be wipe-off plastics for fluency writing practice in the B.E.E. binder.

Parent signatures (this acknowledges awareness of online learning goals and supervision of any optional homework study-practice, reading, projects, and engineering) must be present on the Monthly Homework Form.

  Secret word documented correctly by the parent (this is evidence of website review for weekly updated information) on the Monthly Homework Form. 

Read to your child and have your child read to you. Encourage reading practice every evening. Students need to read sight words, letter  names -40 letters in 1 minute, read silly words, sight word books or stories (e-reader books found on the homework page of our class website).
          *DO 10 min. Homework routine-check files at bottom of page
Work with your child to complete a monthly project. Review projects on the Project Based Learning tab, Engineering tab, and on the Monthly Homework Form. Complete each project and turn it in on time.

Keep the Monthly Homework Form in the B.E.E. binder at all times. Make sure it is signed and returned every Monday. The form is for parents to sign...not students. Understand that this is part of your child's grade and teaches them responsibility. 

Stay in the "know" with our class website, ClassDojo behavior, Monthly Homework Form, and through email. Your child's success depends on you!
Melissa Haile,
Oct 11, 2017, 7:26 PM