Kindergarten participates in engineering as part of our STEMSS curriculum 
(Science, technology, Engineering, Math, Social Studies).
We will have several engineering lessons in our classroom throughout the school year. One activity we participate in is learning about the Engineering Design Process.
Engineering with Paper Plates
Ask: What can I make out of a paper plate?
Imagine: Brainstorm ideas-Think about it.
Plan: Google it. Study it. Draw it out.
Create: Follow the plan and transform the paper plate.
Improve: It should not look like a paper plate...better!

Students will bring their Paper Plate Engineering plans home at the first of each month. Parents should assist and give suggestions to help their child create and improve their plans (parents should not take-over the process and the child should be involved in its creation/improvement). The idea is to transform the paper plate so it doesn't look like a paper plate but resembles the content being studied. The project above is an example of a bee and represents a study on animals. Students are given one week to complete their engineering project. Late projects will lose points. Projects that are incomplete or show evidence of a lack of engineering design will also lose points.
20% Ask, Imagine, Plan (at school)
80% Create & Improve (at home)