Our B.E.E. Binder promotes organization and responsibility as an important tool for success. It supports our goal in AVID. We are an AVID school and keeping an organized up -to-date binder is a requirement. It must be kept clean, organized, and useful. The contents of the B.E.E. binder are important and should only be updated or removed by teacher request. It is expected that students will use their binders daily at school and home.
Kindergarten Welcome Packet (click to access)
Monthly Homework Options form
Literacy support
Math support
School support
Important notices for parents
Journal (to practice spelling, writing, math)

Keep Binder in the backpack.
Keep all pages inside sheet protectors.
Bring binder to school daily.
Take binder home at the end of each school day.
B.E.E. binder is checked every Monday.
Review the Binder Rubric.