School begins on Monday August 7th. Our campus is open at 8:15 A.M. and the first bell rings at 8:40AM. All students eat FREE at Palmcroft! So make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast daily.

Check-out this website for updated information about our classroom and get connected to ClassDojo.

Studies have shown that children are more successful in school when the parents are involved in their child's education. By using this class website and our ClassDojo messenger tool, you will be staying informed and connected to your child's education.

Parents should bring children early on the first couple days of school, show them around campus and have them use the bathroom prior to the first bell. All kindergarten students should wear a name badge/tag (that was given to them at Meet and Greet), have a backpack, and school supplies -labeled.

Prior to the first bell ringing each morning, students should be in the cafeteria eating breakfast or on the playground. Students should not be loitering around classrooms. Once the first bell rings, students need to line up at the classroom door and wait for the teacher to greet them.

Parents will need to say goodbye at the classroom door. They will not be accompanying students in the classroom. This is due to the number of students in class, first day chaos, and morning routines that must be established. Please take any/all first day pictures outside of the classroom.

All parents are urged to attend MEET and Greet (date TBA) prior to the first day of school to discuss any issues and/concerns. This is a very exciting event for us all and I look forward to seeing everyone!