Palmcroft Elementary School enforces a uniform policy that has been created in connection with Yuma School District One's dress code policy.

Regulations: (Examples displayed below)

1. The uniform top is a polo shirt in approved colors ONLY -- (white, royal blue, or yellow - any variation of yellow). SHIRTS MAY NOT BE ALTERED. (No cutting, tying, fringes anywhere.) Examples are shown below.

The Palmcroft Spirit shirt is also allowed. It MUST be a SCHOOL-APPROVED Spirit Shirt and not an individual-designed Spirit Shirt. I recommend saving these for Fridays when our class celebrates Palmcroft Spirit Day. DOJOs are given out weekly to those who wear these on Friday! Contact me or the office to purchase a spirit shirt!

2. The uniform bottom can be pants, shorts, skirts, jumper, or capris in approved colors ONLY - (black, khaki, and denim-jean). NO PRINTS ON UNIFORM BOTTOMS. NO NAVY BLUE BOTTOMS of ANY KIND.

3. Any type of winter coat, jacket, or sweater is approved to wear over uniform.

4. Distracting body art, jewelry, hairstyles, and bandanas are not permitted.

5. Bottoms can not be shorter than fingertips and must stay on waistline without the use of a belt. Tears/cuts in pants must be below fingertips.

6. Under garments must be covered at all times.

7. NO flip-flops. Sandals must have a back strap.

8. School approved LOGO is accepted - (The Panther with a P - like the spirit shirts). Other pictures are not allowed on the polo.


If a student is in violation of the uniform policy and/or dress code, the teacher will speak privately to that student and contact the parents with a note and/or phone call to find an immediate remedy to the violation. If a remedy cannot be found, the student will wear a shirt and/or pants (if available) from the office. If violations continue to occur, the principal will be contacted and appropriate action taken.