Support our Classroom!

There are many ways you can help support my class and

Palmcroft Elementary School for the 2018-2019 year.

Please check out the activities below and see what you can do to be a



Box Tops are found on many food items you purchase at the store. Every box top sent in is worth 10 cents to my classroom! The funds earned help me purchase items needed for student learning! Send these in as much as you can this year -- any day, any time!!

**Students earn bonus DOJO points for any box tops turned in

**Students ALSO receive an EXTRA DOJO point for TRIMMED Box-tops!

  The more box tops that come in, the greater the amount of points!**

Click on the link below to go Box Tops for Education to register and win Palmcroft School 25,000 box tops!

Box Tops for Education Website


This website is one of the primary ways you can specifically affect your child's learning. I post "projects" for items that just my class specifically needs. You, a grandma/grandpa, an aunt/uncle, family friend, businesses you know, etc....can go to this site and donate money to the project. Donations can be as little as $5!

My class in the last 8 years has been fortunate to receive a digital camera, a complete listening center, an LCD projector, a document camera, math centers, science centers, interactive centers, STEM projects, card stock, construction paper, a laminator, laminating sheets, and a printer with ink!

This fall I will put up a project to attain more class supplies for hands-on learning.

Please consider giving to this project, or contacting those who might want to help out your child's class.

Click on the link below to get started:

Mrs. Hartley's Site for