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History of Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree History

History of Christmas Stockings!

History of Christmas Traditions

History of Gingerbread

The Legend of the Poinsettia

History of Poinsettia

Awesome Websites! - This site is an AWESOME site to practice weekly spelling words!  Each week is added every week for practice!

Mystery Doug-- Great videos from MYSTERY DOUG!  Awesome Science and Social Studies topics discussed in a kid-friendly way! - Great Website for games and much more! - Fun Brain!  Tons of fun with Math, Reading, and more! - National Geographic for Kids!  Tons of games, video, and photos about animals and places around the world! - Arcademics:  Arcades + Academics = FUN! - PBS Kids - Fun, educational activities! - Highlights Kids - Games, jokes, and activities! - Storyline Online - Fun stories read and shared!