Ornament Gift Exchange

Welcome to the 8th Annual

Ornament Gift Exchange!

This is a fun Christmas Activity I have enjoyed doing with my students every year!  

The goal is simple: To spread Christmas Cheer to all in our class!  

Participation is EASY.


Follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase an inexpensive tree ornament.  You can find really unique, beautiful, funny, classic ones at Wal-Mart for $2.  You do NOT need to spend a lot to get something special.  The limit is no more than $5.  Here are a few pictures of ones I have purchased for $2. These are the types of ornaments that students are excited to get!

2.  Wrap the ornament to exchange with a fellow student.

3.  Bring into class by December 13th to participate.

4. Enjoy spreading cheer and receiving cheer!

Don'ts:  NO pre-used ornaments.  Make sure to put some holiday thought into your purchase! Again, look above at ones I have found at the store for only $2!!

Thanks for your participation! I can't wait to share in the fun on Friday, December 14th!