Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have prepared this outline to describe the policies and expectations I have regarding homework. The purpose of homework is to reinforce or extend concepts learned in class. Homework also has the intent of teaching continued responsibility. Homework will be handed out Monday-Friday.


1. To aid in the development of responsibility, study habits,

 independence, time management and accountability.

2. To foster a healthy attitude toward school and learning.

3. To provide practice of classroom learning.

4. To enhance home-school communication.


I call these activities TARGET OBJECTIVES as they are a strong spiraling review of 2nd grade curriculum. Students will work on daily activities that incorporate phonics, weekly spelling, writing, and grammar review, sprinkled with a little bit of math goals daily. This will ensure students retain 2nd grade skills needed to be successful in the classroom and on Galileo/District assessments. They will complete one page a night and will return the entire set on Friday to be checked for completion and success rate.

Once we have access to our iPads going home, students will be able to complete these activities on their iPad if internet access is available. Students who don't have internet access will continue to receive paper copies.

**TARGET activities are due completed on Friday**

2. MATH:

In 2017-2018, we will continue with our Math series, Eureka Math. This program was chosen to ensure all new Common Core State Standards are being met efficiently. Information can be found about the program at www.engageny.org.

Students will be sent home with the day's lesson we completed in class along with their homework sheet. It is important to have this sheet out, called the "Problem Set" to help with the math homework, as the homework page mimics what we did in class that day. Assignments that I see need to be reduced in the amount will be marked when necessary. I will let parents know through email when this occurs. It will not be every lesson.

Math Homework from the program is given out daily. We will also have review days before testing assessment days. The only day they will not receive Math homework is on test days. Check the newsletter/assignment sheet for the week to see when we will be taking a math test.

Math assignments should take 10-15 minutes of their time.

**Math homework is due the next day**


Students will also be asked to read nightly and record the books they are reading on a reading log.

In addition to reading group books and library books your child will have access to, I will also send home weekly reading fluency sheets home to help improve the accuracy and techniques of your child's reading abilities. These weekly sheets are due by Friday. Families have the week to work on them and have them completed by Friday. Students will still have the availability to choose books of their liking throughout the week. I encourage books that are at a student's level, peak their interest, and provide room for challenge/improvement. Required reading time is 15-20 minutes nightly.

Reading logs are to return on Fridays so that I can see their progress. Remember, 4-5 books a week is the minimum requirement.

**Reading logs are rewarded at the end of the month for completion.**

**Weekly fluency sheets are due completed by Friday.**


Most assignments will be returned with the following possible grading:

  • 4 or a STAR =  Outstanding assignment showing exceptional effort & neatness
  • 3 or a CHECKMARK = Assignment completed satisfactorily
  • 1,2 or Teacher Comments = Incomplete/Unsatisfactory assignment and/or late assignment 

Many assignments will be reviewed but not necessarily corrected and returned, as I am expecting that you will have seen and reviewed assignments for correctness each night as your child completed them.

Parents will supervise homework and give help if necessary, but the assignment is to be completed by the child.  Your supervision will improve the quality of your child’s work.  Please provide a time and place for your child to do his/her homework and try to keep this schedule as consistent as possible.  Before your child turns in their work, please review your child’s work for accuracy.


Students are responsible for taking home assignment daily and returning them the next day with their best effort given.  Assignments are to be completed by the student.  They are to make sure assignments are done in pencil and completed neatly.

Your support in following these homework procedures will help with your child’s success. Thank you for your assistance!

Mrs. Hartley