Class DOJO

The following are our classroom rules for the 2018-2019 year. Students will have the expectation to follow all rules to ensure success in learning for all.

1. Follow directions.

2. Come to class prepared to work.

3. Raise hand to speak & wait to be called on.

4. Stay in seat unless given permission.

5. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


Below is my behavior plan I use within my classroom. I use a combination of a clipchart (shown below) to track student behavior and the DOJO system to help keep you informed as well as your child to motivate them to make good choices.  Read on to find out how our class clipchart works with Class DOJO!


Our system is tied to the Class DOJO system and you will see the changes as they occur on the DOJO system.

GREEN -- Ready to Learn! -- Every student begins each new day on GREEN. (unless they've reached goals on the clipchart!) It's the beginning of a great new day!

Now let's talk:

Positive Color Changes!

Blue: Good Day - Must attain 25 DOJOS

(Student receives treat!)

Purple: Role Model - Must attain 35 DOJOS

(Student receives trip to prize box!)

Pink: OUTSTANDING! - Must attain 50 DOJOS

(Student receives Super Duper Prize Ticket!)

Further rewards and recognition that can be earned:

- Lunch with Mrs. Hartley!

- Earn and Return Cards for prizes

- PBIS Tickets for prizes

- Tickets for monthly prizes

- Earned free choice time

- Mrs. Hartley’s treats!

-Verbal praise

- Ms. Arviso's rewards and praises!

- that “warm fuzzy feeling” that you feel when you’re doing your best!

A GREAT EDUCATION - to take with you for the rest of your life!

Now let's talk:

Negative Color Changes:

ORANGE - WAKE UP CALL! - Noted in Class DOJO

YELLOW - Note home/Email sent through DOJO

(Consequences may be given out)

RED- Immediate phone call to parent

(Consequences will be given out)

BEYOND - Sent to office to meet with Ms. Arviso

Possible Consequences:

  • Loss of recess
  • Loss of tickets for prizes
  • Loss of choice time in class
  • Loss of field trips and/or participation in projects - this includes homework incompletion!

Watch this informational video below of WHY we use Class DOJO and how it will help your child become successful in both behavior and academics!