Believe in Yourself and You Will be Unstoppable!

 It's a SHORT week this week!  Make sure to stay on top of events this week and when assignments are due! 

  Class Picture Day is TUESDAY!  Make sure to wear BLUE so that we all match!

Make sure to return any purchase forms if you're interested!   Purchase forms came home last week!

 The 100th Day of School is Thursday! 

All students are almost 100 days smarter!  We will have some fun Thursday to celebrate this feat!  CONGRATULATIONS PANTHERS!  Just a reminder that it is usual uniform attire that day. 

 Reading Sheets might have a slight change for your student!

Reading sheets will now be differentiated based upon student lexile/Dibels level.  The activity to read the passage and locate answers as key reading strategy still will apply to any sheet your student receives.  It is still 2-sided and it is still due Friday.

 Reminder that it is only a 4-day week this week! 

All homework assignments are still due on Friday!  Students still have 4 pages of Target Practice to do, but will have time to get a jump start on one of them on Tuesday.

Grade Reflection Sheets will come home this Friday in the Friday Folder!  

Students will reflect on grades 2 times a month! (We will do this every other Friday).  Students will bring home the sheet in their Friday Folder like the Zearn Reflection Sheet.  Students will sign, parents will sign, and I will sign.  The expectation is to reflect and set some goals on how to improve grades to keep them consistent.


 Scholastic Book Orders! 

Thank you to the Wooldridge Family for the January order!  Books are on their way!

Next order will be coming up soon for February!  Be looking for them!

BOX TOPS!  SEND THEM IN!  We are still collecting them!

 iPads:  Make sure they return every day!

A great idea to have an alarm set to remind students to place them in their backpacks in the morning!

Also, iPads need to be charged nightly.

Remind students they need to be following iPad rules 100%.  Failure to do so will result in iPads going home.

Thanks for your help in this!