Welcome to week 2!  Week 2 brings change.  Palmcroft lost a 2nd grade position due to low numbers.  Mrs. Copeland is heading to 1st and her class was split.

So WELCOME to my class my 5 new students:  Owen, Cade, Eve, Leroy and Aubrey!

PLEASE don't forget morning routines!  Please make sure your child is on time.  Even missing 10 minutes in the morning throws off routines and learning!  Students may not enter campus until 8:15 a.m. as there is no supervision.

Students are to drop off backpacks in front of our room and then go to breakfast.  There is a route to take around the current construction, so please make sure to remind your student to stick to school rules I'll be going over the first week for their safety.  Construction will be in place for about 6 weeks.  

PARENT PICK UPS are to be in the lower playground underneath the trees.

 SUPPLIES!  Make sure your child has:

1. Binder
2. Plastic Dividers for binder
3. Zipper pouch for binder
4. 6 notebooks - one red, one yellow, one green, one blue, one purple, one black
5. Headphones

The other supplies are STILL NEEDED, but can be brought in throughout the month of August.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

 Our PARENT ORIENTATION NIGHT has been rescheduled for this Thursday starting at 5:30.  Please head to the Cafeteria upon arriving.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND coming to this event as I will go over EVERYTHING that you need to know.   It's for Parents Only so that we don't have distractions that often come with younger children.

Homework routines have been gone over last week.  Most of my kids except the new ones should have a good grasp.  I am a stickler on homework as it teaches responsibility.    Please make sure to check on these items.  They will have a math page, a Target practice page, and a reading page.  

Also, please look at their agenda to see the logging in of their homework assignments.

We are NO LONGER doing homework together.  There is a consequence if homework is not returned.  Students will lose their morning recess.

 Take a look at the uniform link above to double-check the uniform policy for Palmcroft.  Remember that our only approved polo shirt colors are royal blue, and shade of yellow, and white.  Navy blue and light blue polo shirts ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Also bottoms may only be denim, black, or khaki colors.  Bottoms can NOT be covered in prints.  Students who are not wearing approved clothing will be sent a warning home the parents.  Please contact the office if you are in need of any additional help with uniforms.

 BOX TOPS!  Do you have them?  We NEED them!!  This year we have an exciting NEW SYSTEM this year!  Box Tops are going digital! 

If you have any remaining cut out Box Tops that are still not expired, please send those in.  Expired ones can be thrown away.

This year, the EASIEST way to use the new digital system is to send in your receipts so I can scan them in my account on the app.  You can download the app to, but there will be NO RECORD of your donation to my account.  My classroom earns 10 cents for every Box Top you send in.  By sending in your receipt, we can keep track of your donation through me!  Send in those receipts!  I will give you a list soon of every store that has Box Tops attached to certain store items!

SO keep your receipts from stores and SEND THEM IN!! :)

GALILEO STARTS THIS WEEK on Wednesday and Thursday!  It allows us the chance to get solid information on how your child is performing.  Make sure they are here on time those 2 days, have had enough sleep, and have a positive attitude!

Please contact me if you have any questions!  There is no question to small or too big that I don't want to hear about!  Again, you will see that I'm big on communication.  If we are all on the same page, then the new year will run more smoothly for all of us involved.

LAST SPIRIT FRIDAY WENT WELL!  We had 87% wearing a Palmcroft Shirt!  Please help our class win by having a Palmcroft Spirit Shirt to wear on Fridays!  They are available in the office for $10.