Mrs. Cisneors’ 

3rd Grade B8 Classroom 

Welcome to my personal web page for the classroom. Thank you for taking the time to visit! 

About Your Child’s Teacher: 

My name is Marissa Jent Cisneros. I was born and have always lived in Yuma. I went to Yuma School District #1 Elementary schools (Roosevelt, Post, and Fourth Ave. Jr. High). I graduated from Yuma High School in 2000, I played softball and volleyball there. I went to Arizona Western College and received my Associates Degree in General Studies and continued on to Northern Arizona University-Yuma, where I received my Bachelors in Elementary Education. I just completed my masters in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Technology Leadership last year in January, 2017.  I taught for the Gadsden District for 2 ½ years, at Desert View Elementary, 2nd grade (Jan. 2006- June 2008), where I was nominated as First Year Teacher of the Year. I taught at O.C. Johnson Elementary School, 3rd grade (Aug. 2008- June 2009). This is my 9th  year at Otondo Elementary, (began in Aug. 2009), teaching 3rd grade and I was nominated as Teacher of the Year (11-12)! I am married to Antonio, and have 3 daughters, a 6th grader at Castle Dome, Aimee Rebecca, a kindergartner, Mila Rae, and an infant, Karissa Jenet! 

YOU and ME: 

Talk to your child everyday about what they did at school, what they read about, or something they learned. Let them know you are interested in their education. Making sure your child receives the best education possible begins at home. You are your child’s first and most important teachers, because of this we should always make sure to set the best example and routine to encourage your child to do well in school, as well as home.