Occasionally a student forgets to put his/her name on their
            assignment. Parents will notice on Parent Portal that their child
            may not have a grade on an assignment that their child assured
            them he/she turned in. Should this situation occur in your home,
            please suggest that your child ask to see me about looking in the
            "No Name" drawer. I will allow them to submit their paper for
            credit if the identity can be established minus 10 points for no
            name as stated in Classroom Procedures.
                 Thank you so much for attending Open House yesterday evening,
            Parents! It was a pleasure meeting you, though brief beyond
            measure. I will attempt to load my PowerPoint presentation onto
            this webpage in the event others who had other obligations and
            could not attend would like to see it. Stay tuned!                 
                 Parents: Please mark your calendars and come to
                 Open House on Monday, August 27th, beginning at                         6:00 PM and concluding at 7:30 PM. It is very                                 beneficial for the success of your child that you
                 come if at all possible.

              7th Grade Schedule Pick-up is Tuesday, August 14th,
                 between 1 and 4 PM.

                 Be sure you bring two proofs of residency and an updated                  shot record with
the new DTap shot.

                We will use individual dry erase boards daily. I will provide                   the boards, but my students will need their own dry erase                   markers. You may also want to purchase your own dry                      erase marker eraser.

                 Additionally, my math students will need three subject                         dividers. These come in packages of 5 and 8, so check                         with your English teacher to see if you will also need some                  subject dividers for that class. Then purchase the most                         cost efficient package for your needs.