Getting To Know Mrs. Bounds

Getting To Know Mrs. Bounds

I am Mrs. Debbie Bounds, one of the third grade teachers at Parkland Elementary.   I will begin by telling you a
little about myself.   I began my career as a teacher in 1980 at the middle school in DeSoto, Texas.  I taught 7th
grade math at DeSoto Middle School for three years.  I then married my husband, Mike Bounds, in 1983 and
continued my career as a third grade teacher at Hillcrest Elementary in El Reno for seven years.  After our
daughter, Emilee, was born I began teaching fifth grade at Parkland Elementary in 1990.  I taught fifth grade
for 21 years, and this is my third year in third grade at Parkland.   

My husband of 30 years, Mike Bounds, enjoys real estate.  He takes delight in fixing up old dilapidated houses with
his artistic flair.  My daughter, Emilee, lives in Guthrie, and serves as the Employee Wellness Specialist at UCO.  
Emilee also enjoys teaching classes at UCO throughout the year.   
Since Emilee is no longer living at home and homeless animals yank at our hearts,  we have  made several additions
to our little  family.  We adopted our tortie, Chevy, from the OKC Animal Shelter, and we acquired Eben, a beautiful
white Maine Coon.  Coli, a golden-eyed cobble head kitten,  found my husband in the Lowe's parking lot.   She was
in bad shape so we nursed her back to health.  Our latest addition is Navi, a two year old gray and white who we
adopted from The Humane Society of OKC.   We took care of that "empty nest syndrome" with each addition, and
we love Chevy, Eben, Coli, and Navi as our children.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, helping those in need through our church,
reading, working in the yard, traveling to places that are significant in the history of our country, going to 70's rock concerts, and shopping at Brighton Collections and Country Temptations.   

I look forward to getting to know your child and your family this year.   I believe by working together your child will reach his/her highest potential and develop a love for learning.  I'm looking forward to a great school year!
Debbie Bounds