Philosophy of Education/Who I Am

- So, why teach?
        Well, truth be told, if you have a child, you are ALREADY a teacher! You (yes you!) taught your child many things before he/she ever entered the world of "formal eduction."  I believe you and I work TOGETHER to teach your child.
- Ok then, why "formal education?"
         I became a teacher because I had wonderful teachers who taught me to love 
school and learning and I wanted to have that same effect on my own students 
one day.  Teaching is the only profession I ever seriously considered and 
therefore I believe teaching is a "calling" for me rather than just the job 
I chose. 
- How long have you been at this "teaching thing?"
         This is my fifrteenth year teaching.  I've taught first grade for four 
years, kindergarten for six years, and this is my fourth year in 2nd grade.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma
Christian University.  I've been through many wonderful teacher
programs including Great Expectations, School's Attunded, Reading First,
Literacy First, Structured Language Basics and Reading Readiness.
- Who else teaches second grade at "The Ranch?"
        Our second grade team at Ranchwood includes Mrs. Yeagley, Mrs. Kliewer (pronounced Cleaver), and myself. We all have high expectations and expect a lot from our students and our parents!  In order for your child to succeed, we need you to back us up and make sure your child is getting his/her homework completed every night.