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A                Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday    Thursday        Friday________

8:10-9:00     Redway (K)             Mathina(K)              Miranda(K)             Redway (K)             Mathina (K)                                 


9:00-9:50    Johnson(1)             Bruner (1)              Weidemann (1)       Johnson (1)            Bruner(1)


9:50-10:40   Baker-Duke (3)       Shane (3)               Williams (3)            Baker-Duke (3)       Shane (3)


10:40-11:30           tutoring



B               Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday    Thursday        Friday________

8:10-9:00     Miranda(K)             Redway (K)             Mathina (K)             Miranda (K)            Redway (K)


9:00-9:50     Weidemann (1)       Johnson (1)            Bruner (1)              Weidemann (1)       Johnson (1)


9:50-10:40   Williams (3)            Baker-Duke (3)       Shane (3)               Williams (3)            Baker-Duke(3)


10:40-11:30 tutoring




C                Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday    Thursday        Friday________

8:10-9:00     Mathina (K)             Miranda (K)            Redway (K)             Mathina(K)              Miranda (K)


9:00-9:50    Bruner (1)              Weidemann (1)       Johnson (1)            Bruner (1)               Weidemann (1)


9:50-10:40   Shane (3)               Williams (3)            Baker-Duke (3)       Shane (3)               Williams (3)


10:40-11:30 tutoring



Morning classes will be on a 3 day rotation (see attached schedule).


8:10-9:00       REDWAY (1)/ MIRANDA (2)/ MATHINA (3)

9:00-9:50       JOHNSON(1) /WEIDEMANN (2) /BRUNER (3)

9:50-10:40      BAKER-DUKE (1) /WILLIAMS (2) /SHANE (3)


11:30-12:20    LUNCH

        12:20-1:10      PLANNING


M/W PE – T/R MUSIC                                           

1:10-2:00                STONE               2ND                       SMITH

2:00-2:50                SHEEHAN         2ND                       RAY


***Mrs. Harrington will teach art to the afternoon classes on Fridays.  Students not having art on Fridays will go to PE.



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Parkland Elementary

Yukon, OK

Parkland Elementary

  1. 583 students
  2. 29% free and reduced school meals

Denise Douglas

Physical Education Teacher

2201 S. Cornwell Drive

Yukon, OK 73099

Parkland Elementary is completing their third year as being a "Schools for Healthy Lifestyles School." By being a "Schools for Healthy Lifestyles School," they have made some sweeping changes in their school climate. First, the students are no longer allowed to bring birthday treats to school. Instead they are encouraged to bring a book to donate to the library or the classroom.

Students at Parkland are now being exposed to the CATCH, SPARK, and Risk Watch curriculums. The students are receiving monthly nutrition lessons, taught by the PE Teacher, our county extension agency or by Nutritionists from OU Medical Center.

Monthly lessons using the Risk Watch Curriculum teach the students about injury prevention. The students receive a monthly activity calendar to take home and do as a family.

Every Monday morning they do a "Fit Stop" as a school, and teachers were provided with DVDs that encourage movement for short fitness breaks in the classroom. Last year the PE teacher collaborated with several faculty members and wrote a grant in which they were awarded to put in a new walking track on the playground. The students are now involved in the walking club called the Move and Groove Club. Students walk around the track at recess to earn healthy snack tokens, as well as getting to have their name displayed in the "mileage club" in the gym

This sparked the idea to participate in the OKC Memorial Marathon. For the past two years we have had close to 40 students and faculty who train and participate in the marathon. Some students are participating on their own in 5K races. It’s exciting to see how they are learning to love to run! Every year the physical education teacher teaches an extensive tobacco prevention unit and conducts a health fair.

The Oklahoma Fit Kids Coalition is a statewide initiative coordinated by

the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy


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Parkland Elementary is in its fourth year as a Schools for Healthy
Lifestyles School.  With the grant come some changes to the PE curriculum. 
To reinforce positive eating habits, students will be introduced to the CATCH
curriculum.  This is a curriculum where students will be
learning about the different food groups and how to make healthy food
choices.  Much research has been done that shows that students who eat
healthy, get plenty of rest, and are physically active do better in school
than their peers who do not do these things.  I will continue to do my best
to educate the students of Parkland so they can make healthy life choices
that will hopefully stick with them throughout their adult lives.  

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