Anyone can make a website. How do you know whether or not to trust what you read online? Here are some tips.
Photo George Washington from a dollar bill

Ask yourself the following questions as you look at websites:

  1. Who is the author? (Authority)
  2. Is the information accurate? (Authority)
  3. Is there bias? (Bias)
  4. When was the website made? (Currency)

This WebQuest will ask you to read some information that will help you answer those four questions. Then you will be asked to look at some websites so that you can practice asking and answering the right questions.

Read carefully and you might have fun while you see for yourself that everything you read online is not true!

Go to:

Question 1: Who is the author?

Question 2: Is the information accurate?

Question 3: Is there bias?

Question 4: When was the website made?