Remote Assistance

How does it work?

Our technicians connect remotely to your machine and fix the problem.

What are the advantages?

  1. It saves you money.  If we don't have to charge for travel. the savings are reflected in the price.
  2. It saves you time.  There's no need for you to drag your machine into the store, pick it up, drop it off, or waste any time doing anything else.
  3. You remain in the comfort of your home or office.  We fix the problem without you having to do much else. We simply fix the problem and let you know when we're finished.

Can all problems be fixed remotely?

Not all problems can be fixed remotely but OVER 99% of them can.

What if it can't be fixed remotely?

In the case that our technician determines that your issue is best resolved by having a tech physically in front of the machine, we'll immediately schedule to get someone out there to get your issue resolved.

That's probably one of the biggest advantages of remote assistance, even if an on-site visit is necessary, our technician will have already begun to make a diagnosis even before he arrives at your location.

Try it today! 

Step 1 - Contact Us via phone or input a repair ticket via our Repair Form.                      Phone: 407-687-8786

Step 2 - Provide some basic information such as name and callback number.

Step 3 - Download & install the Remote Assistance Software while we assist you over the phone.

That's it!  Once we connect we'll call you when we're done. Or, if you like, you can stay on-line with our technician as he works to resolves your issue.