What equipment do you recycle?

Desktop, laptops, printers, and any old electronics.

Equipment to be recycled comes to us by either way of donation or our data destruction service.  In both cases, data is removed and destroyed.

What does Mike's Computer Service and Support do with donated equipment?
If you've approved your equipment for donation, after your data is removed and destroyed, the remaining equipment is reviewed and tested. We gladly donate our time and efforts to clean up and restore donated equipment.  Our goal is to get the remaining functioning donated equipment into the hands of those that can most benefit from it.

Non profit organizations helping our community notify us of a designated recipient, to whom we then pass on the newly refurbished equipment.  Recipients are not designated by Mike's Computer Service and Support.  Recipients are designated by the non-profit.

What happens to equipment that hasn't found its way to a recipient or recipient cause?

We first attempt to liquidate the equipment and donate the funds to a worthy cause of either your choosing or ours, that's up to you.

What if equipment is too old?

If the equipment is too old it's disassembled, recycled and, when necessary, any remaining parts are properly disposed of.