About Us

With this new wave of pandemic, small businesses now find themselves in a world full of new challenges that are impacting their bottom line. National conglomerate companies like Amazon, Target, and Walmart are not at risk of going out of business. They have the capital to survive and weather the storm. However, local small business are fighting for their lives and struggling to survive. 

Mike's Computer Service and Support previously concentrated on providing organization with a broad scope of services, helping organization and their end-users tackle their technology challenges, and achieve higher levels of productivity.  However, with teammates successfully advancing their careers, Mike's Computer Service and Support was disbanded, as team members moved on to bigger and better things.  

However, seeing the impact that this pandemic is having on our local business and the local economy has inspired us to come back together, as a team, to take on SEO (search engine optimization) as a hobby.  Our purpose is to help the local business find new clients and increase their revenue streams through our experience with SEO (search engine optimization). 

If your organization needs SEO to attract new customers and increase its bottom line, we welcome you to contact us.