Virus & Spyware Removal

Our virus removal service isn't just virus removal.  It's Virus Removal and Spyware Removal, and vice-versa; they are one and the same. Let's face it, what's the sense in removing one if you're not going to remove the other?

And once removed, our virus removal service also includes the installation of anti-virus software to stop the problem from happening again.

The service also includes a PC Tune-Up to help the computer run it's best by getting rid of any unnecessary files.

And if the machine is brought to our shop, it also includes cleaning the inside of the machine as part of proper maintenance to help maintain your machine's life expectancy.  Just as your car and other appliances require maintenance so does your Laptop or PC, and that's included.

So what all do I get?

  1. Virus Removal
  2. Spyware Removal
  3. PC Tune-Up
  4. Anti-Virus Installation
  5. System Maintenance

All Included