Hardware Repair

Many times taking your computer to Best Buy, Staples, or any of the like, yields in them telling you that you need a new computer or laptop, as if repairing it were impossible.  The truth is that most individuals that promote themselves as computer repair technicians, lack the skill set to be able to troubleshoot down to the component level.

What does that mean in layman's terms?

In layman's terms that means that many times when you take your computer to Best Buy or Staples and they tell you that you need a new one, that may or may not be true. 


Companies that large really aren't interested in saving you money.  They're interested in selling you product.  If you look around their store they've got thousands of product to sell you.  However, they do save themselves money.  The technicians they hire are trained to troubleshoot only down to the Field Replacement Part level.

What does that mean?

Field Replacement Part (FPR) is any part that can be swapped out quickly typically with only the use of a screw driver.  For example a video card, sound, card, or in the case of a laptop, maybe a CD-ROM, or some RAM.

So what does that mean for me?

It means that if the problem was just a simple electrical short or a blown $3 electrical component,  you'll never know. 


Because they'll never troubleshoot it down to that level. They'll just tell you it's broken and sell you on whatever is in stock.

If Best Buy or Staples told you that your laptop is dead and you want a second opinion, you're more than welcome to contact us.